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 Guild Forum Policies and Rules

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Jephos Mispir
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Guild Forum Policies and Rules Empty
PostSubject: Guild Forum Policies and Rules   Guild Forum Policies and Rules Icon_minitimeMon Dec 20, 2010 4:01 am

The Army of Light Guild and Forum Policy

All Members and Guests to our Forums must adhere to the following Rules & Standards.
Many mirror our Chat Room expectations.

1. Above all, all posters must demonstrate Maturity, Respect, and Common Sense.

What does this mean?
We want all members to show respect to all that is posted here. Please be respectful of what every member posts, even if it's something you don't personally like. This also means that you should be careful of what you post. We don't want any immature, disrespectful, flaming, or rude posts/threads here directed towards the guild or other members. Please be care of what you say and how one may perceive it.

2. Absolutely no Spamming or Flaming.

What does this mean?
Please do not purposely spam or flame in our threads/forums. This applies to the site chat as well. This is strictly prohibited. We don't want anyone making pointless threads just to get attention or comments that are purposely to create friction upon another member. Please be respectful to EVERYONE, even to someone you may not exactly like.

3. Harassment and Foul Language are not permitted. Such posts will be deleted and their authors banned from the Forums.

What does this mean?
Please do NOT harass or use profanity in any thread/forum/reply. This is strictly prohibited and action will be taken against this. Please think before you act.

4. Proper spelling and grammar are encouraged.

What does this mean?
Though we won't give punishment for this sort of thing, we ask that you do your best to spell everything correctly. This way people can understand you and what you are talking about. Please also realize to not condemn those who do not spell everything 100% correct. English might be their second or third language, and they're still learning. Please be careful of what you say towards others, and how it could be perceived by them.

5. Roleplay and Character-driven posts are also encouraged.

What does this mean?
Though we won't give punishment for this sort of thing either, we do ask that your posts contain substance of role play and character-driven. It is not NEEDED 100% of the time. There are forums and threads that are serious, or have a serious manner to them. Please don't mock it or be immature about it. Also, we do/will have RP threads so that members can make their own RP. Please do so, but realize that RP is meant to be RP. Please do NOT disrespect, mock, condemn, or take the RP as a joke. If you do not like RP, simply do not comment or reply in the RP forums/threads/.

6. Guests and Members alike are expected to upholds these Rules as well as the highest quality of ethics, courtesy, and accountability.

What does this mean?
I guess it all ends up in the same place. Please think before you act and realize the impact you could have on new members as well as old members. Respect everyone regardless of race, sex, age, and their personality. Who they are is who they are. We want all guests and members to realize that. Also realize that just because you said "jk jk" doesn't mean that the other person has felt pain of what you said. Maybe they think that you still meant it, and you're only saying "jk" so that you don't end up being in trouble for what you have said.
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Guild Forum Policies and Rules
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