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 Regarding Alliances with the Army of Light

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Regarding Alliances with the Army of Light Empty
PostSubject: Regarding Alliances with the Army of Light   Regarding Alliances with the Army of Light Icon_minitimeMon Dec 20, 2010 6:20 am

How does Another Republic Guild form an Alliance with the Army of Light?

All Republic guilds may complete our Diplomatic request form here in this section of our Forums. You are also encouraged to visit our Citadel Chat and speak with Ambassador Master Mai Skyblade or any ALDC Representative. To be considered, your guild must be strictly affiliated with the Republic and not contain, welcome, or host any persons of an Imperial class. Your guild members must not have Imperial alts on the same server nor can your guild have any alliances with Imperial guilds. While we do not expect our allies to be long-tenured or massive in size, or to share many of our policies, we do expect them to hold to a policy of "Mutual Defense" and to the principles of honor, respect, maturity, and personal dignity, and be willing to join the same server as the Army of Light at game launch.

Citadel Chat

If you cannot access the Citadel Chat, please contact an administrator for further help.
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Regarding Alliances with the Army of Light
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