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 Application - Ulysses (Accepted)

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PostSubject: Application - Ulysses (Accepted)   Sun Jan 02, 2011 10:51 pm

1. Ulysses R. Marshall

2. Trooper

3. Well I am very familier with the six Star Wars films (probaly seen them more than 20 times in my 17 years) I haven't been very fond of canon or the the hole Knights of the Old Republic but i am into the hole spacecraft and vehicals of the Star Wars univers. I can name almost all the Vehicals, and what ticks me off is when a fan of Star Wars calls a AT-AT a giant walking thing, its very easy to remember, same goes with the AT-ST and the A-Wings.

4. Well i am WoW veterain, played it for 5 years and haven't played Cataclysem yet and will not. I have been in numerous guilds and have been a guild leader 2 times. I made a guild and one time the guild leader left and made me encharged. I been in mostly RP guilds and PVP guilds. One of my favorite experiences was the time when my leader made me encharged of a Raid to a capital city in his absence. It went very well won all the battles except when we got to the capital we were out numbered and failed. But it was 3 victories, 1 loss, and a long march to the capital lol. I left my quilds to the primary cause of due to the lack of unactive members, Not so great leaders, maturity, and sometimes the guild will just collapse. The reason why I stopped playing WoW was because of players focusing on getting epic items just so they can be the best and cusing at players who weren't doing so well but was still trying and the PvP was just unfair for me to bair.
Guild Name (Reason for leaving if applies): I can't remember
-Game: "World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King"
-Name: Odenjall and Brocktrea were my characters

-Level: 80/65
-Server: Shadow Council
-Class: Death Night/Shaman
-Race: Orc/Troll

5. What I do is saport my fellow members and try being on bright side of things and make jokes now and then but i am serious when it comes to battle plans. On my Orc Death Night i was excellent on the defense and i would be useally by myself or with someonelse and we useallly do fine. I am always active and check for updates, I always check Star Wars the Old Republic for updates and community fourms and go on my Facebook page. I would contribute to the best i can and help any way possible. But there are times when i am busy but will let members know when i'll be out.

6. It seems well kept (I mean that it is well orginized and is greatly growing), looks like its my kind of guild.

7. Well I just hope we can all have fun together and get along and I hope people won't rely on just one person to keep them up to date or somthing, like a second in command.

8. Age: 16 going on 17 in March.

9. Time Zone: I don't realy know I live in Illinosie U.S.A

10.Role-Play experience/expectations. Can you give us some examples of Role-Playing you have participated in before. When it comes to expectations, give us an example of what would be fun to participate in, what you are looking for, etc.*

Well i have been in RP weddings, Raids on villages/cities (very fun), guild battles (The best), besides meetings which is a great wait to keep us up to date of whats going to happen and what will not happen, and when ever i'm with a friend or party we will act out our characters in a quest or dungen when ever seems aproprit. This one time I was stuck and to weak to move with all the monsters around so i sent a S.O.S to the guild and they said they would send a team out to get me but every one was busy our to far way so my guild leader went after me who was one of the best guild leaders i have ever met and saved me. He called that saving privit Brocktrea.

11. How can you benefit and help the guild? Please include any skills or talents you have that you would
enjoy doing within the guild. How have you helped your previous guild(s), if you have previous experience?*

Well whenever i was in a middle of a quest or exploring or traviling, a guild member would ask if anyone will help out with somthing and i was always the first one to offer help and later we would become well guild butties, and would pay a tribute to the guild in money wise. One time if wasn't for me my guild bank would be broke but i put in more than a half of my money in it. I'm always active to a guild and will let them know if I wouldn't be on for a couple of days or im free to do somthing with them. And like I said eailer before, the guild battles and raids to cities were always fun. Dueling other guilds to battle or fighting other faction guilds to battle in pvp or outside pvp was the best. Also going to meetings was always a fun thing to do, get together with everyone and settle down and the parties and weddings.

12. some one who is friendly and helpful, honest, respectfull is the best that i can think of, and mature.

13. How did you find the
Army of Light? Did someone recruit you? If so, please let us know who.*

I got a email.

14a.Have you visited our website and chat room, and familiarized yourself with the, Charter, Mission Statement, and Rules of Conduct? (You must answer in the affirmative and please prove that you have)*

Yes I have and the truth is that i got lost in some places but now am familier with it and I like the hole lecture hall, one of my old guild leaders had somthing like that and i can't wait to see what the squad thing is. I hope its for troopers because thats what im aimg to be, especially going to be (Well.. a Space Marshall) a commando.

14b. Do you pledge to fulfill them, most notably to uphold the virtues of Maturity, Honor, Respect, Personal Ethics and No Drama?*


15. Would you say that you embody the qualities of Respect, Honor, Loyalty, and Maturity? What are your definitions of these four words? Please don’t just answer yes or no, let us know why you think you possess these qualities.*

I have tolerated former guild members to the extinct when I had enough of them but respect is when you just don't tolerate things but give people chances or encourage them.

I can't describe honor in my own terms but I have always followed the John Wayne style of honor amd Optimus Prime style too.

Loyalty is as loyalty gets... Yes.

Some one who doesn't just keep cusing after each sentance and doesn't make so many dirty jokes or wynes and complains.

16. In more than 30 but less than 100 words, please describe your personal character and the type of person you are (We wish to get a good feel of the type of person that will be becoming a part
of our guild family)*

I am nice, caring, funny (I like to make Star Wars jokes now and then), serious, and not realy smart on words, Love to draw especialy anime and charactures, and make videos (recently i downloaded LSMaker to make light saber videos), I love doing airsoft, favorite video game is SW Battlefront 2 and the best star pilot than any of my friends and love to fly in space combat, and I am one of a kind.

17. Tell us a little about your in-game character*
-Character Name: Ulysses R. Marshall
-Character Physical/Mental Features: Average Male adult physics, Human, His Left left eye is a cyborg eye with a green light as the lens, the best combat training a trooper can get, and the best known star pilot in the galaxy.
-Character Biography: Born on a Republic crusier it was later attacked by pirates and was doomed to float in the infanit realm of space he was picked uped by a Republic Battle ship and was taken into the custody of the commanding officer and was sent to boot camp and trained to be the best through out all his life. The day when we was sent on his first mission he and the rest of his garresn was sent to defend a small supply ship to the outer rim territories were the empire attacked. He and the rest of the men were fighting to defend the supplies. Mostly all of them were dying and loosing. There he met his greatest foe yet a sith warrior appeird and killed the rest of his men. Ulysses then charged at the sith and got to point were he pulled out his knife and sliced of the hand of the sith and elboyed him to the ground. There he finished him offed and reinforcements arrived to save the day. He was latered rewarded with medals.
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Ulysses (Accepted)   Sun Jan 02, 2011 11:39 pm

Thank you for your interest in the Army of Light. The Recruitment Council is currently reviewing and will get back to you. Thank you.
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Ulysses (Accepted)   Wed Jan 05, 2011 12:29 am

Thank you for taking interest in the Army of Light, and waiting patiently for results. I would like to congratulate you for becoming a trial member of the Army of Light. Trial Membership is a minimum of one week. Welcome to the guild!

[] Obtain an avatar

[] Post at least 15 forum posts of substance
[] Place [AL]Initiate (Jedi), [AL]Recruit (Trooper), or [AL]Mate (Smuggler) depending on your class.
[] Interview with the Supreme Master or Grand Master
[] Visit the Embassy chat:
Click here

~Supreme Master Jaina Sorak
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Ulysses (Accepted)   Wed Jan 05, 2011 11:20 pm

Welcome to the guild Ulysses.
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Traxex Wraw

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PostSubject: Re: Application - Ulysses (Accepted)   Thu Jan 06, 2011 6:35 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Application - Ulysses (Accepted)   

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Application - Ulysses (Accepted)
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