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 Application - Bronco (Accepted)

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PostSubject: Application - Bronco (Accepted)   Application - Bronco (Accepted) Icon_minitimeThu Dec 30, 2010 2:42 am

1. Character Name.

2. Class.
Trooper, Vangard.

3. I have alot of knowladge of Star Wars comunaty, most of it is fine Details such as Tabana gass harvested and procesed from Bespin. That gass is usualy procced into ship artileray and blaster shots. A high value planet. But I just know small random tidbits I dont know if I can type it all down. (It pays to know small things like that when you tend to lone wolf)

4. I have only gotton into a game called "Vindictus" and I was kind of a lone wolf there. I quit the game cause it was just to much of a grind doing the same thing over and over again. But somthing tells me that The old republic will be somthing diffrent.

5. This is were my biggest down fall might be. I have all ways been a lone wolf, I just have never been good in a group of people. I just seem to learn beter from actual experiance doing somthing but if I am need in a team or squad put me in it. Just for what ever the mission is when its over expect me to fall out untill needed again. I plan on being very active a few hours a day.

6. The army of light seems to have its self well put to geather as a guild. It seems like a guild that is willing to give support when needed, what I mean by that is if your in a hot siuation and ya need the help ASAP seems like the army of light will give some aid.

7. What I expect form a guild is being able to co-operatie with one another with a sence of knowladge from your superiours and who they are.

8. 17.

9. Pacific.

10. I have never gotton into role play but the few times I have I found my self enjoying it! And example that came from and expriance in another Star Wars game that you might know of called: Star wars: Republic Commando. What the situation was in a game of capture the flag with limited respawns with ,a good frined of mine called Beta Alpha. Beta and I were the last 2 alive on our team against a team of 2 Trandoshan slavers. The way we got the flag was by a method we called teasing. One trando had a mark on the door with a shot gun, the othor watching the elevator. What we did was quickly lob a grenade or 2 on the the elevator base, and as soon as the grenade was thrown we sent the elevator up. When the elevator reached the top the grenade went off. It did not kill the trandos just took off there shields. Sence they thought we were both at the elevator the trando garding the door went to assist the elevator watch. So I went around the base to the stair well while beta got another grenade ready to send up the stairs. We had the timing perficted! As soon as beta threw the grenade he sent it up taking off the trando shields then I imediatly rushed the door. Cought off gard with out shields the trandos were quickly killed. We took the flag (It was realy a republic hallo disk but the consept and its properties were the same) and scored it imediatly for the team. ( I know its a story you dident need to know but I enjoy it cause it was just a fun time for me).

11. I think in knights of the old republic I will be able to serve as a lone wolf by doing small checks on sith activity in Hoth as well as hoth armor tech any thing use full. I prefur being in snow somthing about it calls me.. I dont know what.

12. I define a qulatiy member as a person who is able to be self supporting as well as his fellow comrads in the field in a combat situation and off the field with personal effects like knowladge on how to build or obtane certan Items.

13. Was recomanded to the army of light by 2 people and that is Supreme Master Jaina Sorak, and Templercarson.

14a. I Have not made Contact with any one and I have no profe of any thing, I was just directed to the Application for the army of light, then followed the instruction to here.

14b. I have not read them and the rules do seem repectable from what I saw on the application the rules seem straight for ward and should be followed, they dont seem to restricting so I should be able to follow with no complactions.

Respect: Is the amount of trust you are going to invest into that person as well as keeping in mind there boundries of likes and dislikes.

Honor: Upholding the values and living to the expectancy of the peoples that you and your people serve.

Loyalty: The amount of time and will you will put into the ones you serve.

Maturity: What you do and say and how you interact with your comrads affects your person. Not your age.

16. Me Personaly has always kind of thought on how to get things done the right way, I think that showing respect to all members of a guild is priority, how ever I dont belive in being taken for a chump and being used out of one's good nature. Respect and balance to one another is what I focus on the most.

17. Name: Bronco.
Thin, belives in geting the job done the right way and effectivly.
Born on: Hoth.
Born into military servace Dale Eggar was extracted from his parrents for military training and was given the Name of Bronco. As a key name Bronco Never learnd of his realy familie he was only tought, Duty, Respect,
and geting the job done. Out of a collection of 30 children Bronco was chosen for EOD servace (Explocive Ordance Disposal) and stealth tactic's. Originaly assigned to a team of 3 Bronco strayed away from the group leting them take much heat off him self and leting the team lure gard away it away from the target while bronco moves around and destroys it un noticed. But During a team mission on illum it took a turn for the worst when the team of 3 were captuerd and exacuted. Bronco blames him self for the team and sence them learnd more than EOD and stealth tactics so he can run missions solo so he will not have to wory about the safety of his team mates.

( I am sorry for all of my typing error's! but I am not a good speller)
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Bronco (Accepted)   Application - Bronco (Accepted) Icon_minitimeThu Dec 30, 2010 8:38 pm

Thank you for your interest in The Army of Light. Your application will be reviewed by the Recruitment council, and someone will be in touch within 48 hours.

~Alena Starstrider
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Bronco (Accepted)   Application - Bronco (Accepted) Icon_minitimeFri Dec 31, 2010 5:17 pm

Thank you for taking interest in the Army of Light, and waiting patiently for results. I would like to congratulate you for becoming a trial member of the Army of Light. Trial Membership is a minimum of one week. Welcome to the guild!

[] Obtain an avatar

[] Post at least 15 forum posts of substance
[] Place [AL]Initiate (Jedi), [AL]Recruit (Trooper), or [AL]Mate (Smuggler) depending on your class.
[] Interview with the Supreme Master or Grand Master
[] Visit the Embassy chat:
Click here

~Supreme Master Jaina Sorak
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Bronco (Accepted)   Application - Bronco (Accepted) Icon_minitimeFri Dec 31, 2010 8:57 pm

Welcome Bronco!
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Bronco (Accepted)   Application - Bronco (Accepted) Icon_minitimeSat Jan 01, 2011 1:00 pm

Welcome to AL Trooper!! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Bronco (Accepted)   Application - Bronco (Accepted) Icon_minitimeSun Jan 02, 2011 1:26 am

Welcome to AL fellow trooper.
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Bronco (Accepted)   Application - Bronco (Accepted) Icon_minitime

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Application - Bronco (Accepted)
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