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 Hanni Gee's Application (Approved)

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Hanni Gee's Application (Approved) Empty
PostSubject: Hanni Gee's Application (Approved)   Hanni Gee's Application (Approved) Icon_minitimeMon Mar 14, 2011 2:15 am

1. Character Name (this will be your name on the site and forums):*

Hanni Gee (subject to change)

2. Class (Jedi Consular, Jedi Knight, Smuggler, or Trooper):*

Jedi Consular (leaning towards Shadow)

3. Please describe your knowledge of Star Wars? The more detailed the better, please:*

Watched all the movies multiple times. Played many SW games, my favourite ones being the KOTOR series (was hoping for a KOTOR 3, hopefully SWTOR doesn't disappoint). Done research on many different subjects, as I always get curious towards the story behind locations, items, and characters. My knowledge isn't vast, but I'm eager to learn. I love the SW universe (more specifically the time of the old republic), really wish there were more movies and games.

4. Please tell us about your other guild/MMO experiences. If there is more than one guild/experience, please include all of them. If you left your last guild, please tell us why you decided to leave. If you have used more than one name, please list them all.*

This is a long one.. I've played more MMO games than I can count. Participated in many guilds.
The list of games is long (don't wanna bore you), but the main ones I played were Lineage 2 and before SWTOR, Aion.
During the beginning of Aion, I was part of the guild Tasogare (which then later became one of the biggest and strongest guilds in Aion). I left because I didn't like how they did things in the guild. Everyone was very self-centered, and I didn't get a feel of being a part of a guild, of really having team mates.

After that, I joined a hispanic guild, Sherwood. Very different from Tasogare. It was a much smaller guild, centered around PvE (Tasogare was PvP). Inspite of them not being as competent (at the game) as the previous guild, they felt like a family. I left the guild after a while, because I got tired of the game. For those who have played Aion since the start, they'll remember how crowded with Bots and Gold-selling spammers it was. I couldn't stand it, and NCSoft did nothing for too long, so I left the game, alongside with the guild.

My character's name was Hanni, Elyos Sorceress, lvl 36 (if I remember correctly), Triniel server.

5. What type of role do you wish to take within the guild? How do you plan to be active? Please be specific.*

Well. How do I plan to be active? By being active, lol. No.. I'm always present in the forums, chats, and I play every day. I'm not one to go unnoticed.

What type of role do I wish to take within the guild? Well, I'd like to become a strong member in the guild, one that the others can count on. I'm always looking to help wherever I can, whether it'd be in-game, with information, or any kind of matter.

6. Why do you feel the Army of Light is a good fit for you?*

Well, for one, I've already met and talked to several members of AL. They've all been very nice to me, and given me an amazing amount of advice. I had doubts whether I wanted to play in an RP server or a PvP server, but after all the help I got, I decided to go for the RP server, and I had my eyes on AL the entire time. Aside from that, I'm a Jedi, so what better place than the Army of Light? It fits perfectly.

7. What do you expect of the guild? Please be specific.*

I expect good organization, presence, and maturity. I'd like the guild to have a strong sense of unity. Aside from that, have a fun time experiencing SWTOR.

8. Age:*

21. Soon to be 22. But I'm a little kid inside =). (I swear it's a positive thing!)

9. Time Zone:*

GMT -3.

10.Role-Play experience/expectations. Can you give us some examples of Role-Playing you have participated in before. When it comes to expectations, give us an example of what would be fun to participate in, what you are looking for, etc.*

I'm not trained in RP. I've done it since I started playing MMOs, but I was never part of a RP'ing community. Since I don't know much, I don't really know what to expect. I'm open to try anything new.

11. How can you benefit and help the guild? Please include any skills or talents you have that you would enjoy doing within the guild. How have you helped your previous guild(s), if you have previous experience?*

I don't know about skills or talents, but I'm always willing to help in any way I can. I'm very patient, thoughtful, and considerate. Well, I'm 100% a team player, and my strenght lies in combat and strategy.

12. How do you define a quality member?*

A quality member is one that puts the guild first, and himself last. A quality member is always available, willing to help the rest of the team. Every single member represents the guild, so a quality member knows how to present himself towards others, how to be respectful.

13. How did you find the Army of Light? Did someone recruit you? If so, please let us know who.*

I was searching for guilds in the SWTOR website. I came across the Army of Light. I looked up the guild master, and sent him a PM. Master Jephos Mispir responded in a matter of minutes, and answered all the questions I had. I was impressed by his reply, so I joined the website to find out more about AL.

14a.Have you visited our website and chat room, and familiarized yourself with the, Charter, Mission Statement, and Rules of Conduct? (You must answer in the affirmative and please prove that you have)*

Yes. As some of you already know, I’ve been visiting and lurking the website and chat for some time now =). Also already know some of the members as previously mentioned.

14b. Do you pledge to fulfill them, most notably to uphold the virtues of Maturity, Honor, Respect, Personal Ethics and No Drama?*

I do.

15. Would you say that you embody the qualities of Respect, Honor, Loyalty, and Maturity? What are your definitions of these four words? Please don’t just answer yes or no, let us know why you think you possess these qualities.*

Yes, I would. I show respect in that I treat others the way I would want to be treated myself. There can’t be honor without respect. Honor is what strenghtens you as a “persona”, acting with honor is acting with morality. It’s about treating others with dignity. Loyalty is what would personally describe me the best. I’m loyal in that I’m always truthful to my comrades, always there for them. It’s about never turning your back on your fellow members, and putting the guild always first. Someone who acts with maturity, acts both with respect and honor. As I see it, you cannot have one without the other. Respect towards others is essential if you want to present yourself in a mature way.

16. In more than 30 but less than 100 words, please describe your personal character and the type of person you are (We wish to get a good feel of the type of person that will be becoming a part
of our guild family)*

Well, I’m very hard on myself. Sometimes, I worry too much. I always expect from myself, to do everything perfectly. I’m honest, and what bothers me most, are lies. Sometimes I can be hard to deal with, but I try to not let that affect the people that surround me. I’m always there to help those who need it, so you can always count on me for anything you need. What I value most, is friendship. I'm very transparent, so people find that they can easily trust me.

17. Tell us a little about your in-game character*

-Character Name: Hanni Gee (subject to change)

-Character Physical/Mental Features: Female, light complexity, short hair, probably red, (very) young (perfect for a padawan), race not decided (hopefully they’ll enable miraluka for Consulars). Mental Features still in progress.

-Character Biography: Not yet available. (waiting on class race and other things to create my charachter’s background).
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Jephos Mispir
High General
High General
Jephos Mispir

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Hanni Gee's Application (Approved) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hanni Gee's Application (Approved)   Hanni Gee's Application (Approved) Icon_minitimeMon Mar 14, 2011 2:26 am

Greetings Hanni,

Your Application has been Approved.

The next step is to pass your Trial Membership.

You will need to:
- Post 15 meaningful posts on the Forums
- Post an Introduction of yourself (RP) on the Forums
- Create a registered Forums profile, complete with avatar
- Obtain an avatar for use in our xat chats
- While in chat, make your name [AL]Initiate Hanni Gee
- Register with the guild on the SW:TOR site at http://www.swtor.com/guilds/5501/army-light (if you use a different TOR name then what you are known by here, please let the GM know)

After you have been here 1 week and have done the aforementioned, you
must then interview with myself or Supreme Master Caliber Mispir to pass
into Full Membership.

Jephos Mispir | Founder | High General | Grand Master
Hanni Gee's Application (Approved) Jephossig4
"The Time is Always Right to do What is Right."
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PostSubject: Re: Hanni Gee's Application (Approved)   Hanni Gee's Application (Approved) Icon_minitimeMon Mar 14, 2011 2:32 am

Super Congrats Hanni...

So very glad you decided to join us Very Happy I think we will be better for having you here Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: Hanni Gee's Application (Approved)   Hanni Gee's Application (Approved) Icon_minitimeMon Mar 14, 2011 2:38 am

This literally made my night.

And you were more than encouraging, Rhaven. Thank you so much.
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Coddy Lightcloud
Sergeant Major
Sergeant Major
Coddy Lightcloud

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Hanni Gee's Application (Approved) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hanni Gee's Application (Approved)   Hanni Gee's Application (Approved) Icon_minitimeMon Mar 14, 2011 3:01 am

Welcome and congratulations Hanni, we could use a Jedi Shadow.
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PostSubject: Re: Hanni Gee's Application (Approved)   Hanni Gee's Application (Approved) Icon_minitimeMon Mar 14, 2011 11:20 am

Welcome Hanni Very Happy
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Hanni Gee's Application (Approved) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hanni Gee's Application (Approved)   Hanni Gee's Application (Approved) Icon_minitime

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Hanni Gee's Application (Approved)
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