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 Xavior Bawt's Application (Approved)

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PostSubject: Xavior Bawt's Application (Approved)   Sat Mar 12, 2011 5:55 pm


1. Character Name (this will be your name on the site and forums):*

Xavior Bawt

2. Class (Jedi Consular, Jedi Knight, Smuggler, or Trooper):*


3. Please describe your knowledge of Star Wars? The more detailed the better, please: *

5 out of the 6 films (Skipped episode 3 because the prequels were starting to grate on my nerves)in all forms (special edition, THX remastered and Original), Both KOTOR games, Star Wars RPG produced by both West End Games and by Wizard of the Coast, Dark Forces 1 and 2, Jedi Knight, Jedi Academy, Rebel Strike 1 and 2, Rouge Squadron, Xwing Vs Tie Fighter, Xwing, Tie Fighter, Star Wars Holiday Special Review by the Nostaliga Critic, As well as keeping in the SW:tOR story posts regarding the leadup to their current conflict.

4. Please tell us about your other guild/MMO experiences. If there is more than one guild/experience, please include all of them. If you left your last guild, please tell us why you decided to leave. If you have used more than one name, please list them all.*
Guild Name (Reason for leaving if applies):
-Game: EVE-Online
-Name: Codiwan
-Level: N/A
-Server: N/A
-Race: Caldari

-Game: WoW
-Name: Don't Remember
-Level: 20
-Server: Don't Remember
-Class:Wizard, Warlock, Paladin,
-Race: Gnome, Human Orc, Troll

-Reason For Leaving: Found game boring, not much on straight fantasy to begin with.

-Game: Wizard 101
-Name: Morgan Shadowforge
-Level: 21
-Server: N/A
-Class: Death Mage
-Race: N/A

-Game: Champions Online
-Name: Aeroboy
-Level: 8
-Server: N/A
-Class: N/A
-Race: N/A

-Game: Star Trek Online
-Name: Kendar
-Level: Admiral
-Server: N/A
-Class: Tactical
-Race: Custom

-Reason For leaving: First time: Ran out of growth room in under a month of play (At Launch, Content was minimal), Second Time, ran out of money

5. What type of role do you wish to take within the guild? How do you plan to be active? Please be specific.*

Acquisition of Goods, Have no holds about aiding in any quests as long as I'm on and afforded the same offer later, Love to RP, and Love star wars

6. Why do you feel the
Army of Light is a good fit for you?*

Republic Sided, Large playerbase, and I'm expecting, like every star wars game I've been on at launch, Jedi class to be overloaded so I'll be somewhat of an Oddity, and thus very helpful.

7. What do you expect of the guild? Please be specific.*

Role-play, and the occasional help with quests, nothing more.

8. Age:* 31

9. Time Zone:* EST

10.Role-Play experience/expectations. Can you give us some examples of Role-Playing you have participated in before. When it comes to expectations, give us an example of what would be fun to participate in, what you are looking for, etc.*

D&D, D20 and D6 Star wars, White Wolf Larp (old and new) Variety of Muds, Mushes and Mucks, etc. As for what I expect in Roleplay, Everyone to be enjoying themselves, but remember its just a game if something doesn't go quite right.

11. How can you benefit and help the guild? Please include any skills or talents you have that you would
enjoy doing within the guild. How have you helped your previous guild(s), if you have previous experience?*

Various Gopher duties, and "tasks otherwise assigned", I would specify a position but i've never had one and wouldn't know what to ask for.

12. How do you define a quality member?*

Someone who doesn't go out of his way to cause problems, enjoys himself and plays his character, even if the action his character would do isn't the wisest course of action.

13. How did you find the
Army of Light? Did someone recruit you? If so, please let us know who.*

Recruiting site at SW:tOR

14a.Have you visited our website and chat room, and familiarized yourself with the, Charter, Mission Statement, and Rules of Conduct? (You must answer in the affirmative and please prove that you have)*

Being as I cannot find anything marked by any of those names outside of Rules of Conduct to a degree, I assume you ment the FAQ, and the first major post in the "Recruitment thread" If I'm incorrect, please send me links and I will read them, otherwise I have read them at this time.

14b. Do you pledge to fulfill them, most notably to uphold the virtues of Maturity, Honor, Respect, Personal Ethics and No Drama?*

Yes (tenetivly incase I have no found the right file)

15. Would you say that you embody the qualities of Respect, Honor, Loyalty, and Maturity? What are your definitions of these four words? Please don’t just answer yes or no, let us know why you think you possess these qualities.*

Respect - I wish no ill will toward anyone who has none toward me
Honor - I do nothing that would shame my family, or those around me
Loyalty - Once I've agreed to stick with someone or something, I do unless asked to leave
Maturity - Language should be somewhat restricted, and people should be treated with the afformentioned attributes

16. In more than 30 but less than 100 words, please describe your personal character and the type of person you are (We wish to get a good feel of the type of person that will be becoming a part
of our guild family)*

A generalized smuggler, always looking for the big score that can set him to easy street, but also knowing that he probably wouldn't stop even if he did. Easy street might be comfortable, but its quite boring. Lives by the ideal of "One step ahead of the lawmen is one hyperjump ahead of my doom." Doesn't care really about the Force, but won't tell anyone their off base. All in all a standup guy..just don't look in the cargo bins.

17. Tell us a little about your in-game character*
-Character Name:Xavior Bawt
-Character Physical/Mental Features:Can't really say till I get a good look at the character generation setup for physical, Otherwise very creative with a tendancy toward getting as much as he can for as little work as possible

-Character Biography:

Born on Coruscant, parents abandoned him when he was 8 to go flitting around the galaxy. Surviving on his own for a while, he hopped a Freighter while it was in port at the age of 10 and managed to survive being a stowaway by telling the captian he'd do cabin boy duties, clean ship, what ever is required in exchange for room and board. Captain Jameson having a soft spot for kids, took him up on his offer and over the years not only taught him to do basic freighter work, but taught him some things on the side on how to evade customs when what your hauling isn't on the up and up. A few times he managed to get into a firefight on with Jameson, and grabbed the cannons of his freighter, peppering pirate fighters to the best of his ability. Not ungratful, He struck out on his own at age 20 intending to take his knowledge and get famous...well, Infamous as the case may be.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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Coddy Lightcloud
Sergeant Major
Sergeant Major
Coddy Lightcloud

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Name: Coddy Lightcloud
Advanced Class: Jedi Sage
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PostSubject: Re: Xavior Bawt's Application (Approved)   Sat Mar 12, 2011 5:58 pm

Good to see a new Smuggler applying. We could use the extra man.
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Name: Biwtiful
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RP Title: 4

PostSubject: Re: Xavior Bawt's Application (Approved)   Sat Mar 12, 2011 6:15 pm

yayay ! we love smuggler!!!! hope you see you approve soon!
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Age : 39
Join date : 2011-03-12
Posts : 3
Location : Virginia

PostSubject: Re: Xavior Bawt's Application (Approved)   Sat Mar 12, 2011 6:16 pm

Thanks, Can't wait for the real game to start too just wish they'd get a Beta started hehe
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Kosmo Kramer
Private First Class
Private First Class

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PostSubject: Re: Xavior Bawt's Application (Approved)   Sat Mar 12, 2011 6:43 pm

This looks like an awesome application! Best of luck to you!

<3's Smugglers! Razz
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Jephos Mispir
High General
High General
Jephos Mispir

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Name: Jephos Mispir
Advanced Class: Sage
RP Title: Grand Master

PostSubject: Re: Xavior Bawt's Application (Approved)   Sat Mar 12, 2011 9:23 pm

Greetings Bawt,

Your Application has been Approved.

The next step is to pass your Trial Membership.

You will need to:
- Post 15 meaningful posts on the Forums
- Post an Introduction of yourself (RP) on the Forums
- Create a registered Forums profile, complete with avatar
- Obtain an avatar for use in our xat chats
- While in chat, make your name [AL]Mate Xavior Bawt
- Register with the guild on the SW:TOR site at http://www.swtor.com/guilds/5501/army-light (if you use a different TOR name then what you are known by here, please let the GM know)

After you have been here 1 week and have done the aforementioned, you must then interview with myself or Supreme Master Caliber Mispir to pass into Full Membership.

Jephos Mispir | Founder | High General | Grand Master

"The Time is Always Right to do What is Right."
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Teran 'Tec' Bourne
Sergeant Major
Sergeant Major
Teran 'Tec' Bourne

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Character Sheet
Name: Teran 'Tec' Bourne
Advanced Class: Consular - Sage
RP Title: Knight - Sgt.Mjr

PostSubject: Re: Xavior Bawt's Application (Approved)   Sun Mar 13, 2011 12:19 am

Hey nice to see a smuggler, like your characters story. Nice job Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Xavior Bawt's Application (Approved)   

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Xavior Bawt's Application (Approved)
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