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 Application - Jarek Vrand (Accepted)

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PostSubject: Application - Jarek Vrand (Accepted)   Wed Jan 26, 2011 10:59 pm

*I only put the bio here since you have the rest of the stuff in the Calinhad application*

Name: Jarek Vrand
Race: Human
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Blood Type: AB Positive

Home Planet: Born on Dromund Kaas; currently resides on Coruscant.
Class: Trooper
Clothing: On-duty - Standard Republic Trooper armor. Off-duty – Varies depending on what he feels like wearing

Skin: Off-White… Not pale, but not tan. Hard to get sun in full body armor.
Eyes: Dark Blue (His mother used to refer to them as Sapphires; Comforting and peaceful)
Hair: Color- Jet Black. Length- Down to his shoulders. When he is in armor, with helmet on he puts it in a pony tail, but off-duty he has it down.

Height: 6’0”
Weight: 180 lbs.

Early Life:

Green-Jarek Vrand
Red-Victor Vrand
Yellow-Martin Csokas
Magenta-Gloria Vrand
Blue-Calinhad Arakus

Jarek was born on Dromund Kaas to loving parents, Victor and Gloria Vrand. Both of them were Officers in the Imperial Navy, fighting for their home but not their Emperor. For the first five years of his life, Jarek never knew his father, save for the stories his mother would tell him. His father was always off battling the Republic and the Jedi.

Victor himself was a Captain serving under Grand Moff Kilran. It was his last mission before he could go home to his family and finally meet his son. The mission wasn’t too difficult, capture a band of Smugglers who have been assaulting Imperial trade routes between Dromund Kaas and Korriban. Finding them was the easy part, catching them was a different story altogether. When they finally had caught them, Victor was surprised to see how young they were. He thought of his son, and how the Imperial Military would come for him on his tenth birthday.

The Imperial soldiers looted everything from the Smuggler’s ship and destroyed it. Grand Moff Kilran ordered that the prisoners were to be questioned back on Dromund Kaas and that anyone caught interacting with them would be executed. Of course that didn’t stop Victor from bribing the guards to let him talk with the prisoners. He learned a lot from them about the war and about the Republic. Talking to these kids, because to him they were kids, he realized that the Republic wasn’t the cowardly criminals that the Empire made them out to be.

When they finally returned to Dromund Kaas, Victor accompanied Grand Moff Kilran to interrogate the Smugglers. Kilran asked questions, the Smugglers remained silent. That is, until two hooded men walked in, and the Smugglers eyes went wide with fear. Victor didn’t understand what was happening until one of them started choking a Smuggler without touching him. He stood shocked as they continued to torture the Smugglers. He thought the Empire was fighting for honor and justice. He again thought of his son being exposed to this hatred and madness, to have such innocence destroyed.

When the Sith finally had their fill of torture, they left. Kilran had the prisoners thrown into one big cell and told them to get some rest for tomorrow. As they were leaving, one of the Smugglers looked at Victor with so much sadness in his eyes it nearly made him cry. The Grand Moff went to report to the Emperor, and Victor used that time to sneak back into the jail and help the Smugglers escape. The lights went out, they heard a crack, and then another. The lights came back on and they saw Victor standing over the two guards, necks broken.“You must come with me; I have a ship that you can use to escape!"

A blaring alarm sounded, ripping Jarek and his mother from their sleep. A pounding on the door startled them both, “Gloria, open the door, hurry!” Gloria ran to the door, opening it, "Who are these people?” “Friends, but there is no time. We must get them to the ship.” Victor ran up the stairs with the Smugglers in tow. Gloria swept Jarek into her arms and quickly followed behind. From the roof they could see the soldiers already coming towards their home.

The ship, a Corellian XS Stock light Freighter, was sitting proudly in the middle of the roof. The group ran aboard, Victor giving the Smugglers complete access to everything. “You know,” he said to the leader, “I never did get your name.” “It’s Martin,” the Smuggler said, reaching out his hand. “I am Victor; it is a pleasure to meet you, Martin. I only wish it were under better circumstances.” The Smuggler laughed, and Victor smiled, “There is one favor I would ask of you before you leave, if you will follow me.”

They left the ship and Victor took Jarek from Gloria’s arms. “Please, take my son away from here. Take him to your Republic, watch over him. Consider the ship payment for this.” Martin nodded, “After getting us out of that jail, nothing you ask is too much for us to do.” Victor smiled and stared into Jarek’s eyes,“My son, it is so good to finally meet you. I know you probably don’t understand what is going on, but in a few years you will. This life, my life, is not the life I want for you. Maybe someday we will meet again. I love you, Jarek.” Jarek looked up at him, innocence in his eyes. His mother kissed him and Martin took his hand and led him onto the ship. “We will buy you as much time as we can. Take care of him!” Martin nodded as the ship’s ramp closed.

That was the last time Jarek saw his parents. Whether they survived or not is anyone’s guess. Escaping the planet was difficult but Martin and his crew got out. Over the years, he came to love Jarek as a son and taught him so much. Martin taught Jarek all about the Republic, he taught him how to pilot the ship, even taught him how to shoot. When Jarek was ten, Martin finally decided to retire from Smuggling and settle down. He bought himself a nice home on Coruscant near a cantina and enrolled Jarek in school. It was a nice life, but Jarek was constantly haunted by nightmares of that night when he met his father.

Seven year later, Jarek graduated from school and enrolled in the Republic Military Academy, much to the dismay of Martin. “Your father wanted to keep you away from the war.” “I know, Martin, but I keep having those dreams. The only way I am going to find out what happened to them is if the Republic wins the war. I want to help.” Martin smiled; the boy had so much passion in his eyes. “Well, I guess there is only so much than an old washed up pirate can teach you. My door is always open, though, so don’t be a stranger.” Jarek hugged the older man, “Thank you, Martin, for everything.”

The next couple of years were pretty uneventful for Jarek. He completed his training and was assigned guard duty most of the time. He made some friends, and a few rivals, and even got pretty close with a couple of ladies. He proved himself to be a capable soldier, even if his mind did wander on occasion. His loyalty to the Republic was solid as a rock though.

The real action, and horror, came when Jarek was twenty and the Empire attacked Coruscant. Chaos reigned and everyone was in panic. The Jedi Temple and the Senate building got hit hardest. Jarek was on patrol when it all happened. His first thought was to see if Martin was ok. He raced through the streets, turning down back alleys to avoid the bulk of Sith forces. He came upon Martin’s place and saw the man take down two Sith soldiers with two pistols which dropped from his sleeves.

Jarek approached the man, “Seems old age hasn’t dimmed your skills one bit.” Martin laughed, “And don’t you forget it boy. Does it really take a Sith attack for you to visit the man who took care of you for so long?” “Sorry, Martin, I have been a little busy.” “Ah, I’m just messing with you. So, what should we do?” Jarek looked around, the sky was filled with Sith ships and black smoke was rising from all over the planet. “I don’t know if there is much to do. The Jedi Temple was hit hard and the Sith are descending on the Senate building.” “Hmm…and here I thought they put on this show just to get me back...you sure know how to damage an old man’s ego, kid.”

Jarek smiled and rolled his eyes, “I think the only course of action here is to get as many people to safety as possible. Do you still have that old ship?” “The one your dad gave me? Of course I do.” “Alright, there is a small hospital nearby, bring the ship down in front of it.” “And what are you going to do?” “I’m gonna head there on foot and see if I can’t clear out some of the Sith.”

The way to the hospital was pretty clear, save for a couple of patrols which Jarek caught off guard. They seemed rather surprised that someone was actually fighting back. Martin brought the ship down near the front doors of the hospital and the ship’s auto laser took care of any Sith who came around. They ran into the hospital, people crying and praying all around. Jarek got two steps in and heard a familiar hum to his left. A blue lightsaber, followed by a robed man stepped out of the shadows. “Hmm, not Sith, who are you?” “My name is Jarek Vrand, Private in the Republic Army, and this is Martin Csokas, former Smuggler. We came here to see if we could help and evacuate these people, we have a ship outside.”

The robed man stepped forward, turning off his lightsaber. He lowered his hood, showing a head of short dark brown hair and green eyes,“I am Calinhad Arakus, Padawan of the Jedi Order. I was visiting a friend with my Master here when the Sith attacked. Master Bailimur told me to protect these people while he went to the Temple to find help. I have been trying to get through to them over there with no luck, communications must be down.” “Not just down, destroyed, along with the Temple itself.” The Jedi went pale,“The whole Temple, wiped out?” “Yes, I am sorry you had to find out this way, but there is no time to mourn, we need to get these people out to the ship and get out of here.”

With the help of the Jedi, Jarek and Martin were able to get everyone on the ship; and though it was cramped, no one complained. They were just happy to be alive. When the chaos was over and the treaty signed, things got quiet. Martin went back to his home, Calinhad followed the Jedi to Tython, and Jarek was promoted to Private First Class for his role in saving so many lives.

A year later, on his twenty-first birthday, Jarek received three gifts of note. The first one, from Martin, was a customized blaster rifle with the words ‘To Victor, from your loving wife, Gloria’ inscribed into the side. Martin’s letter said he found in the ship after they escaped Dromund Kaas and was saving it for Jarek.

The second gift was actually a surprise. It came from Tython, from Calinhad. It was a vibrosword with the Jedi Code inscribed on its blade. The note attached read, ‘Happy birthday, Jarek. I was going to send you a lightsaber but decided a sword was better. Less chance of cutting off your own arm. Be well, my friend. May the Force be with you. –Calinhad Arakus’

The third and last gift was from his commanding officer, a new assignment. Jarek was to be stationed with the Army of Light, to aid in the war with the Sith.

Traits: Fiercely loyal to the Republic. Strong and courageous on the outside but not immune to fear when someone he cares for is in danger. Thanks to Martin’s training, Jarek is an exceptional pilot. Though his mind wanders on occasion, due to thoughts of his family, he does get his tasks done. His biggest fear is never finding out what became of his parents.
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Jarek Vrand (Accepted)   Thu Jan 27, 2011 3:17 am

Thank you for taking interest in the Army of Light, and waiting patiently for results. I would like to congratulate you for becoming a trial member of the Army of Light. Trial Membership is a minimum of one week. Welcome to the guild!

[] Obtain an avatar
[] Post at least 15 forum posts of substance
[] Place [AL]Initiate (Jedi), [AL]Recruit (Trooper), or [AL]Mate
(Smuggler) depending on your class.
[] Interview with the Supreme Master or Grand Master
[] Visit the Embassy chat:
Click here
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Application - Jarek Vrand (Accepted)
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