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 Application - Bren Durron (Accepted)

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PostSubject: Application - Bren Durron (Accepted)   Application - Bren Durron (Accepted) Icon_minitimeFri Jan 14, 2011 2:51 am

1. Character Name: Bren Durron

2. Class: Jedi Consular

3. Please describe your knowledge of Star Wars?: I was first introduced to the movies at the age of eight and was instantly enthralled. Since then, my love for Star Wars has continued to grow. I have read numerous books from the expanded universe (both pre and post original trilogy), played many Star Wars games (to include SWG, KOTOR, Jedi Outcast, both Forces Unleashed, all of the flight sims, and a few others), and have sought to expand my knowledge of the Star Wars Universe through forums and accepted Star Wars Canon. I absolutely love learning about and discussing the Star Wars universe and look forward to continuing my search for knowledge.

Please tell us about your other guild/MMO experiences. If there is more
than one guild/experience, please include all of them. If you left your
last guild, please tell us why you decided to leave. If you have used
more than one name, please list them all.*
Guild Name (Reason for leaving if applies): It has been a while since I have played any of the games in which I belonged to a guild, so I don't recall any of the specific names. All of the guilds I left after ending my subscriptions with the games. I must say I was extremely sad to leave SWG, but I didn't like the turn it took after NGE was released even though I continued to play it for another year or so.
-Game: SWG, Champions Online
-Name: I don't recall the names, but I was a part of three separate guilds on three separate servers. I was also a part of a guild in Champions online.
-Level: Level 80 (then 90 post NGE) for SWG and level 80 in Champions Online
-Server: Intrepid and Chimera, then I don't remember for Champions online
-Class: Master Fencer/Pistoleer, then Jedi across the board. I was a ranged combatant in Champions Online.
-Race: Human and Twi'lek.

5. What type of role do you wish to take within the guild? How do you plan to be active?: At first my goal is simply to learn and absorb knowledge, to get to know the guild and its members, then pass that information on to new members down the road. I strive to seek knowledge and share that information with the guild and its allies. I also want to make myself available for any assistance that others may have whether it be questing, PvE or PvP. I will be active in the guild by participating in the classes, discussion boards and other functions until release. Upon release, I will participate by learning and advancing through the new universe alongside my fellow guild members.

6. Why do you feel the Army of Light is a good fit for you?: After looking at numerous guilds and options on the SW:TOR website, I stumbled upon the Army of Light. As soon as the home page loaded, I was instantly impressed with the quality of the site. Upon further reading, I find the goals and ethos of the Army of Light to be an almost perfect match for me. I cherish honor, loyalty and knowledge above all else. This guild seems to feel the same way.

7. What do you expect of the guild?: I expect the guild to be a place I can come for camaraderie, a sense of community and a place where I can find a good time. My first impression of the guild is that it is professional, but fun. This is something that is hard to find, yet you seem to have created it here. I am also searching for and expect the guild to be a place where we can grow together a immerse ourselves in the Star Wars Universe.

8. Age: 25

9. Time Zone: CST, soon to be PST

experience/expectations. I have attempted to Role-Play in all of the other MMORPGs that I have played. I find it an eye opening and truly rewarding experience to give myself completely to the character that I have created and to see the universe through his eyes. I am not sure how to give specific examples of Role-Playing other than to say that the characters I played on SWG, especially the Twi'lek became as much a part of me and I was of them. I often find myself approaching a situation not only from my point of view, but also from that of the character that I am currently absorbed in.

11. How can you benefit and help the guild? Please include any skills or talents you have that you would
enjoy doing within the guild. How have you helped your previous guild(s), if you have previous experience? While I don't know any of the other guild members yet, or the information that is currently being taught in the classes, I can promise that I will go out of my way to learn more, go above and beyond the expectations and share my findings with the guild. Also, because of my profession, I have been trained in leadership, management, ethics and tactics. All of these are areas that I would like to, and look forward to, share with the guild. In my previous guilds I have served anywhere from an information gatherer or both rival and friendly guilds, a member of the council in two occasions and just making myself available for assistance.

12. How do you define a quality member? To me, a quality guild member is someone who puts the collective good of the group over themselves. They are constantly looking for ways improve the guild as a whole and enjoy interacting with the other members. I am a huge proponent of a guild being a community and support structure for its members.

13. How did you find the Army of Light? Did someone recruit you? If so, please let us know who. I found the Army of Light on the SW:TOR main website and your advertisement there.

you visited our website and chat room, and familiarized yourself with
the, Charter, Mission Statement, and Rules of Conduct? I have spent a good deal of time exploring the website and becoming familiar with specifics of the guild. I particularly enjoy your rank structure and objective means you have created to advance through them. There doesn't appear to be favoritism here, it is a meritocracy. I have glanced in the chat rooms, but have not yet spoken with anyone. I will say that I sat and thought (meditated) for a long time on taking the step to apply to this guild, so I was sure to do my research.

14b. Do you
pledge to fulfill them, most notably to uphold the virtues of Maturity,
Honor, Respect, Personal Ethics and No Drama? I wholeheartedly pledge to uphold and live up to the virtues of this guild.

15. Would you say
that you embody the qualities of Respect, Honor, Loyalty, and Maturity?
What are your definitions of these four words? Please don’t just answer
yes or no, let us know why you think you possess these qualities. I can't say whether or not I embody these qualities, to answer that you would have to ask my friends and colleagues. However, I can say that I do my absolute best to live up to these standards every day. My definitions for these qualities are as follows:
-Respect is appreciating the values of others. It is approaching each person knowing that they have something to teach or a different way of looking at things, and treating them as such.
-Honor is the one thing on this planet that cannot be taken from a person. It is entirely up to the individual to live up to this quality. It means saying what you mean (tactfully of course) and meaning what you say. It means holding yourself up to the standard of doing what is right simply because it is the right thing to do. That being said, while no one can take your honor, you can give it away and once that is done, it is extremely difficult to get it back.
-Loyalty, to me, is ones pride and willingness to improve that which they are a part of. It is being honest with the institution or people and is the foundation of trust.
-Maturity can sometimes be an ambiguous issue. However, I would say that maturity is knowing when is the time to joke around, and when is the time to be serious. It is an ability to hold a certain level of conversation, yet also be able to relax just hang out.

In more than 30 but less than 100 words, please describe your personal
character and the type of person you are (We wish to get a good feel of
the type of person that will be becoming a part
of our guild family) I am a person who is generally laid back and always looking for ways to both improve myself and help others. I am extremely loyal and once I commit to something, I give myself over to it fully. I enjoy joking and kidding around, but am also a hard worker who likes to contribute. I am in a profession that requires a self-motivated, can do attitude and a degree of discipline to accomplish our goals.

17. Tell us a little about your in-game character*
-Character Name: Bren Durron
-Character Physical/Mental Features: Bren is around 5'10" with dark dirty blonde hair. He is in shape both mentally and physically due to his belief that one is only as strong as their endurance. Bren is constantly looking to understand the universe and his place in it. As such, he has developed and uncanny ability to give himself over to the force in order to blend in with his surroundings and avoid detection until a time of his choosing. Bren is also a very logical thinker, and often uses it to resolve an issue before it comes to blows. He is, however, a realist and has committed himself to knowing the art of war. As such, he is a very quick and explosive attacker. Whether it be just him, or a force under his command, his attacks are fast and strong, meant to catch an enemy off guard.
-Character Biography: Bren Durron is the son of Gabriel and Kiera Durron. He was born on Sluis Van. His father was an engineer in the shipyards above the planet, so Bren was surrounded by spacecraft from a very young age, thus sparking his love for flying. He wasn't very old when he went to the Jedi Academy to begin his training. It was initially difficult for him to understand the force as he did not come from a force sensitive family and had never encountered it before arriving at the temple. Upon arrival, Bren was thrust into a much greater world than he ever imagined. It was these initial occurrences in his life that sparked his curiosity. Bren has since sought to understand the force to its fullest, what else the universe has to offer, and most importantly, his place in it. Through observing the nature of the force and his surroundings, Bren has become extremely patient and is often able to see and issue from multiple angles, helping him become an increasingly skilled diplomat.
Through his studies Bren has become sharp of mind, and his easy going attitude and sense of humor has also make him sharp of wit. He is often able to make light of a situation on the surface, while attacking possible solutions for it internally. Perhaps Bren's greatest skill lay in his understanding of military tactics as they have developed through the recent wars. While trying to seek a peaceful solution to most issues, Bren will be the first on the battlefield when necessary. He is both a skilled warrior and a cunning tactician who is gaining more experience during this tense time in the universe. Despite his meditations, the force has not revealed to him if he will become a great diplomat, or a renowned general. His unclear path leaves him constantly searching for more...
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Bren Durron (Accepted)   Application - Bren Durron (Accepted) Icon_minitimeFri Jan 14, 2011 2:55 am

Thank you for your interest in the Army of Light. The Recruitment Council is reviewing your application, and someone will get back to you within 48 hours.

~Alena Starstrider-Toah, Smuggler Lord and Recruitment Council member
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Caliber Mispir
Caliber Mispir

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Application - Bren Durron (Accepted) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Application - Bren Durron (Accepted)   Application - Bren Durron (Accepted) Icon_minitimeMon Jan 17, 2011 12:43 pm

Thank you for taking interest in the Army of Light, and waiting patiently for results. I would like to congratulate you for becoming a trial member of the Army of Light. Trial Membership is a minimum of one week. Welcome to the guild!

[] Obtain an avatar

[] Post at least 15 forum posts of substance
[] Place [AL]Initiate (Jedi), [AL]Recruit (Trooper), or [AL]Mate (Smuggler) depending on your class.
[] Interview with the Supreme Master or Grand Master
[] Visit the Embassy chat:
Click here

~Master Caliber Mispir

You helped me through the toughest times. You were my best friend. We will miss you and never forget you.
-Rest in Peace: Matt-

Application - Bren Durron (Accepted) Covertassassin
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Bren Durron (Accepted)   Application - Bren Durron (Accepted) Icon_minitimeThu Jan 20, 2011 2:36 am

Welcome to AL Smile
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Application - Bren Durron (Accepted) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Application - Bren Durron (Accepted)   Application - Bren Durron (Accepted) Icon_minitime

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Application - Bren Durron (Accepted)
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